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We understand -   Running a health care business, clinical, home care, or acute care - is tough. Increased competition and rising operational costs are squeezing profits; the constantly changing policies of Medicare aren’t making it any easier. At the same time, the FDA is moving aggressively to enforce its regulations, particularly as they apply to home care.  

Gas Technologies delivers on a partnership you deserve -    At Gas Technologies, we believe you should expect more than just medical gases from your supplier. That’s why we provide a range of services designed to help you stay in FDA compliance, and to make sure your business enjoys the benefits of technology advances in the world of gases and their delivery systems.

Extend your market - Gas Technologies combines unmatched regional production, (two FDA-validated medical fill facilities in Missouri), with highly-trained Medical Representatives who live and work in your same area of professional care. And because you may fill home care vans at multiple locations, we may be able to help you reduce distribution costs and perhaps extend your customer reach.


We deliver on:

·         Regulatory Assistance

·         Cost-Control (e.g. Asset loss-prevention)

·         Quality Assurance

·         Wide range of Respiratory Gases


Gas Technologies has an extensive range of medical and respiratory gases locally for your convenience; medical USP oxygen, nitrous oxide, blood gas, lung-diffusion mixes, aerobic and anaerobic blends, just to name a few.


As an emerging leader in the field of respiratory care gases, we don’t just supply the product - we help you find the solution that’s best for you and your patient. 


Solutions for Home Care

  Aluminum Transportables


Solutions for Acute Care

Bulk USP Liquid Oxygen systems


Solutions for Clinical Care

Micro-Bulk USP Oxygen, Blood Gas, Lung Diffusion mixes, Nitrous Oxide


Solutions for Emergency Response Care

™OxyTote Integrated-Valve Cylinder...


Exercise your options      You don’t have to settle for whatever your gas supplier delivers. Gas Technologies has the resources and local capability to help keep you apprised of FDA changes and make your business operate more profitably.



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