Plasma Cutting

The benefits of plasma cutting include ease of use, higher quality cuts and faster travel speeds. Ozarc Gas can custom fit a plasma machine to your desired application. We offer the highest quality brands that include; Thermal Dynamics, ESAB, Lincoln Electric and Miller Electric.

What Can I Use a Plasma Cutter for?

Plasma cutting is ideal for cutting steel and non-ferrous materials. Plasma cutting delivers precise cuts in some niche applications, such as cutting expanded metal, something that is nearly impossible with oxyfuel. Compared to a mechanical mean of cutting, plasma cutting is typically much faster, and can easily make non-linear cuts.

What to look for when purchasing a plasma cutter?

1) What thickness will you consistently cut? If you are a sheet metal shop and cut nothing above ¼" material, you will want a smaller amperage machine. If you're a fabrication Trying to cut thicker material with a lower amperage machine will develop a sever cut and will leave your metal with slag or dross.  

2) Compare Consumable Cost Versus Consumable Life 
Research plasma machines and what your consumables will cost you.   A smaller number of consumables mean less to replace and more cost savings. When you are searching for the most versatile torch on the market, look no further than the 1 torch from Thermal Dynamics. The 1 Torch offers ergonomic design, customized consumables for every application and the most cost effective consumables available.

3) Determine the Ruggedness of the Machine
Look for a machine that offers durability and has protected controls. Research machines that offer built in regulators, roll cage for protection and safety features for your torch. Oil and water can cause arcing and will reduce your overall cut performance and torch life. Ozarc Gas recommends using an in line filter to reduce water and oil. Visit anyone of our vendors below or let an Ozarc Gas Representative design the perfect machine for your cutting application.



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