Ozarc Gas offers warranty repair services for all major brands of welding, plasma and cutting table equipment and gas apparatus.  Our supply partners are listed below.


Linde Gases Lincoln Electric
Argon Certified Warranty Service Center
Carbon Dioxide Engine Driven Welding Equipment
Cylinders Magnum Mig Guns
Fuels Mig Welding Equipment
Helium Plasma Cutting Equipment
Hydrogen Robotic Welding Solutions
Liquid Stations Solid Wires
Medical Gases Stainless Steel Filler Metals
Nitrogen Stick Electrodes
Noble Gases Sub-Arc Welding Equipment
On-Site Gas Generators Sub-Arc Welding Fluxes and Wires
Oxygen Tig Welding Equipment
Shielding Gases Tubular Wires
Specialty Gases
Fronius. Welding Perfection. Miller
Pulse Mig Welding Certified Warranty Service Center
Cold Metal Transfer Welding Electronic Welding Helmets
Plasma Welding Equipment Repair Parts
Laser Welding Welding Accessories
Bohler Welding Group USA Norton Abrasives
Bohler Rods and Wires Chop Saw Wheels
UTP Specialty Rods and Wires Cup Wheels
Cut-Off Wheels
3M Occupational Heath & Safety Flap Discs
Dust and Fume Masks Flap Wheels
Ear Protection Grinding Wheels
Personal Air Monitoring Systems Shop Rolls
Respiratory Protection
Supplied Air Panel & Monitor Systems Phoenix
Supplied Air Welding Protection Rod Ovens
Aero Go  Profax
Load Moving Equipment Mig Guns and Consumables
Spool Guns and Consumables
Airco Carbon Arc Gouging Rods
Stick Electrodes Carbon Arc Gouging Torches
Tig Torches and Consumables
ArcAir Major Brand Mig Gun Consumables
Carbon Arc Gouging Rods Major Brand Wire Feeder Parts and Cables
Carbon Arc Gouging Torches Major Brand Plasma Consumables
Bernard Select Arc
Booms and Carts Flux Cored Wires
Mig Guns and Consumables Metal Cored Wires
Water Coolers Solid Wires
Bug-O Smith
Welding and Cutting Equipment Gas Apparatus Repair Center
Oxy-Fuel Cutting Equipment
Grinding Headgear Stoody
Safety Glasses Hard surfacing Electrodes and Wires
Stainless Steel Electrodes and Wires
Certified Warranty Service Center Taylor Wharton
Gas Apparatus Repair Center Cryogenic Bulk Tanks
Accessories Beverage Carbonation
Booms Liquid Cylinders
CNC Cutting Machines Cryogenic Dewars
Flash Back Arrestors
Mig Welding Equipment Thermal Arc
Oxy-Fuel Equipment Certified Warranty Service Center
Plasma Cutting Equipment Mig Welding Equipment
Portable Cutting Equipment Engine Driven Welding Equipment
Stainless Steel Filler Metals Plasma Cutting Equipment
Stick Electrodes Stick Welding Equipment
Sub-Arc Welding Equipment Tig Welding Equipment
Sub-Arc Welding Fluxes and Wires
Tig Welding Equipment Thermal Dynamics
Track Torches Certified Warranty Service Center
Welding Filler Metals Plasma Cutting Equipment
H&M Thermco
Pipe Beveling Machines Gas Mixing Equipment
Harper Tillman
Cylinder Trucks Fire Blankets
Hand Heat Pads
Harris Calorific Leathers
Gas Apparatus Repair Center Protective Clothing
Brazing and Cutting Torches Welding Curtains
Oxy-Fuel Outfits Welding Gloves
Cylinders Regulators Work Gloves
Pipeline Regulators
Gas and Surge Guards Tweco          
Cable Connectors
Huntsman Electrode Holders
Faceshields and Headgear Ground Clamps
Welding Helmets  Rotating Ground Clamps
Mig Guns
Carbide Burs Ultra-Safe
Flap Discs Fall Protection
Flap Wheels
Sanding Discs United Abrasives (Sait)
Chop Saw Wheels
Generac Cup Wheels
Portable Generators Cut-Off Wheels
Flap Discs
Jackson Flap Wheels
EQC Quick-change Helmets Grinding Wheels
Face Shields and Headgear Shop Rolls
Hardhats Uvex
Safety Glasses Safety Specs
Welding Helmets Safety Goggles
Jancy Victor
Slugger Drills and Bits Gas Apparatus Repair Center
Plate Beveling Equipment Brazing and Cutting Torches
Cylinder Regulators
Koike-Aronson Flash Back Arrestors
CNC Cutting Machines Gas and Surge Guards
Flash Back Arrestors Manifold Systems
Oxy-Fuel Quick Couplers Oxy-Fuel Outfits
Portable Cutting Equipment Pipeline Regulators
Portable Welding Equipment
Track Torches Weldcraft
Welding Positioners Tig Torches and Accessories
Lenco Western Enterprises
Cable Lugs and Splices Crimping Tools
Cable Connectors Cylinder Adaptors
Electrode Holders Helium Balloon Regulators
Ground Clamps Hose Fittings
Rotating Ground Clamps Manifold Systems
Magnetic Ground Clamps
Spot Welders
Welding Accessories




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