Beverage Co2 Program

Ozarc Gas offers a Safe and Reliable alternative to High Pressure Co2 Cylinders. Ozarc Gas partners with Messer to supply the highest quality Food Grade and Beverage Gases.  Our Beverage Co2 is Food Grade Certified.

With the Ozarc Gas Beverage Co2 Program, you don’t have to worry about running out of Co2 or changing a heavy steel tank. Our Bulk System carries the equivalent of 8 large steel cylinders and we fill the unit from outside of your building.

  • Better Drink Quality due to consistent Co2 Supply.
  • Reduces Labor by not wasting time to change Cylinders out.
  • Provides a Safe alternative to changing out Cylinders.

Contact Ozarc Gas for more information about how we can help you make your Beverage Business more Profitable.

FAQ's about Beverage Co2

  • The major Syrup Vendors require 100 to 110 psi of Co2 to run their Syrup pumps. If your tank pressure is at 100 to 110 psi, then the Co2 tank is functioning properly.
  • The Ratio of Co2 to Syrup is: 1 lb of Co2 = 1 gal of Syrup. When you switch over to a back up tank you have a 64 gallon supply of Soda remaining; Usually enough Co2 to last the weekend.
  • The major Syrup Vendors suggest calibrating the Fountain Heads regularly to make sure of proper Soda Taste.
  • Co2 is a VERY cold Liquid and it is not unusual to see the Tank have Frost on the top after just being filled.
  • Co2 Bulk Tanks Freeze up when a Syrup Bag has not been changed after running out. The Tank thinks your selling a lot of Soda, so it will try to keep up by pumping Co2 until it freezes.
  • If you think there is a leak in your lines, spray soapy water on them and if it bubbles you have found the leak.
  • Co2 in liquid form is actually safer than the old steel cylinders, because it is operating at a lower psi, and you don’t have to move them.