Gas Apparatus

Ozarc gas has the knowledge and service to provide you with the highest quality gas apparatus. Our Sales Representatives know the questions to ask and the recommendations to make. Whether its specialty gas regulators, gas monitoring systems, or industrial grade regulators, we have the expertise and product to equip your welding, laboratory or medical needs. Ozarc Gas carries the finest equipment from nationally known Manufacturers like Victor, Smith, Western, Thermacut, ESAB, KOIKE Aronson, Harper, Safety Cart and many more.

Industrial Products

Ozarc Gas carries all of your industrial needs that include oxy/acetylene torch welding and cutting outfits, HVAC torches, hoses, cylinder carts, cutting tips, welding tips, and all the accessories. Ozarc Gas provides everything you need, from a striker to cutting torch, to regulators and gases. Ozarc Gas can also supply your safety needs with items such as flashback arrestors, regulator hardhats, gloves, tip cleaners and much more.

Laboratory, Medical and Specialty Products

Ozarc Gas carries an extensive range of gas handling equipment and safety supplies. Our knowledgeable Representatives can provide the guidance and support in selecting your specialty regulators. Ozarc Gas also carries a full line of gas manifolds, blending systems, monitoring devices, gas alarm systems and more. We can provide you with the equipment and the gases for all your specialty needs. Ozarc Gas brings the service and support you need with technical seminars, safety training and regulatory support issues. Contact your local representative for more information. Ozarc Gas can provide regulators for oxygen, acetylene, propylene, argon, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, propane, etc. We also provide hoses in any size or grade, gas fittings, gas adapters, check valves and safety protective gear.

Commercial Products

Let Ozarc Gas put the fizz in your drink. We provide the Beverage Industry with an assortment of regulators and gases. Ozarc Gas can customize a solution to your CO2, Nitrogen or Beer Gas needs. Need a regulator to blow up balloons? We can provide you a regulator and gas for all occasions. We provide regulators with gauges or without and regulators to blow up Mylar and regular balloons.