Gas Technologies Inc.

Gas Technologies Inc. is a market leader in the supply of analytical, medical, research, and environmental grade gases. Our approach is simple: to provide the most cost-effective solution while improving the performance and reliability of our customers’ gas use systems. Our solutions are not biased toward any specific equipment or application, but instead we focus on the total gas-use cycle – from purity and design specification, to gas distribution – to cylinder management.


Backed by over 75 years of gases experience, our primary

 business platforms are medical and specialty gases and associated flow control equipment for:








As part of our ongoing commitment to deliver technology-wise solutions to our customer partners, Gas Technologies has forged strategic alliances with key industry-leading experts. These partnerships are based on a mutual commitment to innovation and excellence in service.


Some of our key alliances include:

Authorized distributor for Matheson Tri-Gas

Messer Gases   – Cryogenic Medical and Inert gases

Taylor-Wharton – Cryo-Biological Equipment

McDantim Inc. – Inert and Beverage Gas mixers