Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is when a focused laser beam is used to melt material in a localized area. Oxygen, Nitrogen or Co2 supply a gas jet to eject the molten material from the cut and leave a clean edge. A continuous cut is produced by moving the laser beam or work piece under CNC control.

Laser Cutting Applications

Laser cutting is the largest industrial application of higher power lasers. Laser cutting applications range from prototyping and smaller batch manufacturing up to continuous production line systems. The process lends itself to automation with offline CAD/CAM systems controlling either 3-axis flat bed systems or 6-axis robots for three dimensional laser cutting.

In recent years the increase in laser cutting has been dramatic, replacing more conventional mechanical processes due to increased flexibility. The improvements in accuracy and heat input control means that other profiling techniques such as plasma cutting and oxy-fuel cutting are being replaced by laser cutting. Contact your local Ozarc Gas location for more information about laser applications.

Laser cutting Benefits

  • High quality cut – minimal finishing
  • Flexibility – cuts simple or complex parts
  • Non contact – lasers produce no finish marks
  • Quick set up – small batches
  • Low heat input – low distortion
  • Virtually any material can be cut