For All Your Specialty Gas and Flow Design Needs
For our medical and acute-care clients, Gas Technologies maintains and operates two FDA-validated production facilities in Missouri. Our packaged gas Medical Products division offers everything from USP Oxygen and Lung Diffusion mixes, to aerobic and anaerobic blends.

For those customer partners with mass-spectrometry systems, Gas Technologies has committed a share of its portfolio to owning and operating micro-bulk liquid Argon (GT Direct) technology for ICP users. This on-site fill technology offers a variety of benefits including purity and reliability of supply, as well as safety and remote product -level monitoring.


Why choose Gas Technologies?

At Gas Technologies Inc., every strategic decision we make, and every process audit we conduct, is held to the principles of our own quality program: – AIR.

Based on our own continuous-improvement record, we believe that statistical-analysis control is only half the story. At Gas Technologies , we understand the most important information we can capture is that which we receive from our customers. By formalizing our approach to customer satisfaction, our partners are assured of ever-improving quality from both our products and services.